Farm is a band in which three two-handed men write songs and play them. These hands belong to Joshua Givens, Ben Maddox, and Jedd Kettler. They're music ranges from quiet, dark folk, and catchy indie pop to full-frontal rock. Some have described their music as Americana-noir.

Farm formed in late winter 2006, releasing a five-song ep, 'House Horse,' later that spring, and the 18-song double (sort of) album, 'Gray Birds,' in May 2007. Their second full-length disc, 'The Cave,' came out in Oct. 2008.

They followed up with an 11-song collection of digital renkus, meteorological folk rock, and psychedelic pop titled 'sat., cloudy, calm, 36ºF, 10:44 p.m.'  released in Sept., 2010.

Their latest disc, a quieter and darker 11-song collection of songs is also completed. Digital downloads are now available with physical copies available on Dec. 4.